2020 Endorsements

The Denver Area Labor Federation (DALF) represents over 90,000 working Coloradans, through over 114 affiliated unions. Our membership is diverse and includes everyone from teachers, firefighters and home care workers to electricians and aerospace workers.  We come together as the Denver Area Labor Federation because we believe in one simple idea: when working people stand together, we can create positive changes for everyone.

DALF votes to endorse candidates based on how they will impact not only our unions, but all working people in the Denver Area. We carefully consider how each candidate will help us fight for a more equal and secure economy where working people can build power, ensure economic justice for themselves and their families, and combat the influence of corporations and wealthy elites.

Voting is our chance as working people to support those who support us.  Who you vote for is your personal decision, but we hope that you will take DALF’s endorsements into consideration as you fill out your ballot.

Please note, DALF only makes endorsements in the following counties: Adams, Arapahoe, Denver, Douglas, Jefferson

This election year, America faces interlocking crises—a global health crisis, economic collapse, and systemic racism. Even as we live in fear of disease and economic ruin, we have had to watch the on-camera murders of unarmed Black people by officers who have sworn to protect and serve us. So many of us have stood outside nursing homes and hospitals as our loved ones died inside, alone.

One way to view President Donald Trump’s executive actions last week on COVID relief is that they represent unlawful overreach. But that would imply that while his actions are illegal, they are nevertheless effective — and therein lies the core problem. What our showman president signed last week was nothing more than smoke and mirrors. 

In March, working families across the country started to scramble. Our homes were transformed into makeshift classrooms, summer camps and daycare centers as the COVID-19 pandemic shuttered schools and child care facilities.

In May, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the HEROES Act, a piece of legislation that would provide much-needed solutions to our current economic and public safety crisis. Unfortunately, its path forward has been uncertain. There has been no debate on the bill in the Senate, and Mitch McConnell even sent the Senate on vacation without hearing it.

Working people are bearing the brunt of this global pandemic and economic crisis. The physical toll, death, pain, and suffering that Oregon’s frontline and essential workers have experienced is unprecedented.

Coupled with the economic collapse that has exacerbated long-term inequities for low wage workers and BIPOC communities, workers are hurting and they need protections.

Daniel DiSalvo asks: “Will Unions Let Schools Reopen?” (op-ed, June 30). Of course! The AFT published our school reopening plan in April. We said it isn’t a question of whether to reopen, but how to do it safely. We need the infrastructure and investment to physically distance, stagger classes, provide personal protective equipment and test, trace and isolate new cases.

Denver Area Labor Federation Releases Endorsements for 2020 Primary and General Elections

Metro areas largest labor body backs candidates with clear record, bold vision, and a passion for fighting for working people

DENVER – The Denver Area Labor Federation, AFL-CIO held its 2020 Committee on Political Education (COPE) Endorsement Convention on Thursday, April 23. Delegates representing unions from across Denver Metro gathered online for this first-ever “virtual” convention to vote on which candidates have earned organized labor’s support for election in June's Primary Election and the Fall General Election. By DALFConstitution, a two-thirds majority vote is needed for endorsement. Below is the full list of DALF endorsements from Thursday. DALF delegates will consider additional endorsements at the June Delegates Meeting and/or at a special COPE Convention that may be convened this summer.

Denver Area Labor Federation President Josh Downey said, “We’re proud to stand with our endorsed candidates because they stand with working families.  We are no longer content with candidates who simply provide platitudes to our members. We are demanding that the candidates we support take bold stands on collective bargaining, job creation, higher wages, affordable housing, a just transition for workers, and improving our schools.  The workers who make the Denver metro area great deserve leaders who will help them build an economy that works for everyone and not just the wealthy few.  And we look forward to working with those newly-elected leaders after the election this fall.”

To receive the Denver Area Labor Federation endorsement each candidate was asked to complete a four-step process which included an apprenticeship tour, a candidate education forum, a candidate questionnaire and a panel interview.  “We are confident that the 90,000 plus union members, the 114 local unions, and countless job classifications represented by DALF will be served well by our endorsed candidates,” said Muriel Ponder an APWU member who participated in the endorsement process. 

2020 DALF Endorsed Candidates

Eva HenryAdams County Commissioner District 1
Chaz TedescoAdams County Commissioner District 2
Lynn BacaAdams County Commissioner District 5
Carrie Warren-GullyArapahoe County Commissioner District 1
Idris KeithArapahoe County Commissioner District 3
Bill HolenArapahoe County Commissioner District 5
Lisa Neal-GravesDouglas County Commissioner District 2
Darien WilsonDouglas County Commissioner District 3
Tracy Kraft-TharpJefferson County Commissioner District 1
Andy KerrJefferson County Commissioner District 2
Alexis KingDistrict Attorney, Judicial District 1
Brian MasonDistrict Attorney, Judicial District 17
Amy PaddenDistrict Attorney, Judicial District 18