Take Action

As Americans, we know our freedom and democracy are precious and, like all democracies, fragile if not vigorously protected by its people. Tyranny destroys a democracy by a thousand cuts. Take the pledge, and declare that we shall remain steadfast to protect freedom and democracy. We shall rise in unity to oppose any such threats by the new administration, Congress, or other opponents of freedom and democracy

Tell your members of Congress to oppose the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, especially if there’s no plan to replace it that provides quality, affordable health care for everyone.

If Denver wants to be a sanctuary city, now is the time to protect its most vulnerable people.  

The Denver Airport should protect the foodservice and retail workers who work in our airport terminal.  DIA should not hand over control to the incoming company Ferrovial until Ferrovial commits that the workers—many of them immigrants, people of color, Muslims and women—will keep their jobs.

Some Wall Street billionaires are paying less in taxes than teachers, nurses and other working people. It's time for Congress to end this unfair tax loophole.

Tell Senate Republican Leaders to Do Their Jobs and Fill the Supreme Court Vacancy