Resolution in Support of CO HB 19-1034

Resolution in support of minimum of two-person crews on freight trains in Colorado

Resolution issued by the Denver Area Labor Federation, January 2018

DALF STAND IN SUPPORT OF colorado house bill 19-1034

WHEREAS, the safe operation of freight and passenger trains are vital to commerce; and Denver Area Labor Federation supports efforts to keep train operations safe in our State of Colorado.

WHEREAS, House Bill 19-1034 requiring a minimum of 2 person crews on freight trains in Colorado has been introduced in 72nd session of the Colorado General Assembly and

WHEREAS, polling across Colorado shows overwhelming bipartisan support of two-person crews, with 77 percent of those polled in favor of mandating that trains be operated by a crew of at least two qualified individuals; and

WHEREAS, national studies show that a minimum of two on-board crew members are vital to operate a train safely and minimize the likelihood of train-related accidents; and

WHEREAS, virtually all trains in North America are already operated by crews of at least two individuals, making the economic impact of this proposed rule minimal; and

WHEREAS, the Federal Railroad Administration agrees that, while advancements in automated technology such as Positive Train Control (PTC) systems improve railroad safety, they are not a substitute for a train’s on-board crew members; therefore be it

RESOLVED, that The Denver Area Labor Federation does hereby support the House Bill 19-1034, requiring that freight trains operated in Colorado be operated by no less than a two-person crew; and

RESOLVED, that we urge our affiliates and partner allies to adopt a similar resolution; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this resolution be published publicly for any and all to see.