2017 Municipal Endorsement Process

DALF would like to invite all those seeking municipal (city council/ school board) elected office, in the Denver Metro Area, to participate in our 2017 Municipal Endorsement Process. An endorsement from the Denver Area Labor Federation is a badge of honor and a signal to the broader labor community that you are an ally to all working people.


DALF represents more than 90,000 union members and 114 local unions across the metro area. Our members and all working people face a barrage of attacks in the modern workplace as corporate interests work to shed responsibility for providing health insurance, retirement, reasonable work hours, and job safety protections.

To face these challenges, workers need allies in elected office: those who will champion people over profit, challenge business practices that exploit workers, and go toe-to-toe with our deep-pocketed anti-worker opposition.

The DALF endorsement is much more than a box to check on your candidate to-do list. It serves as a crash course in labor education. Our 4-step endorsement process is designed to expose you to the many different industries, workers and interests represented in the Colorado Labor Movement.

By seeking the endorsement of the Denver Area Labor Federation, you have identified yourself as someone who wants to support workers. By completing the endorsement process you will be equipped with the tools and knowledge necessary to do so.  The endorsement process is not a guarantee of financial or voter contact support. However, it is a guarantee that you will learn what it takes to be a better citizen, candidate and elected official.

Working people need champions at all levels of government and we look forward to working together so you can be that champion.   

To get started, follow this link: http://bit.ly/2017DALF