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Mission Statement

As the AFL-CIO Central Labor Council for the Denver Metro Area, the Denver Area Labor Federation represents more than 50,000 union members through its political and organizing programs. Founded in 1882, the Federation works with local and national labor and community organizations around policies and initiatives in support of worker rights. DALF works closely with the Colorado AFL-CIO in implementing the New Alliance Program for strength and solidarity across our labor movement.

As the metropolitan Committee on Political Education (COPE), DALF coordinates metro unions’ political endorsements and activities. These include:

· Labor-Neighbor Program to register, educate and mobilize the Labor Vote

· Policy Advocacy and Political Strategy

· Candidate Educational Briefings and a Unified Endorsement Process for Municipal Offices

DALF provides essential support for local unions in organizing drives and contract campaigns. We network for labor-community solidarity, progressive policy, and member education programs with organizations and coalitions including FRESC: Good Jobs, Strong Communities, 9 to 5 National Association of Working Women, Colorado Jobs with Justice, and many others economic and social justice advocates.

DALF conducts trainings and education programs for Metro Area union members on Common Sense Economics, Organizer Training & Strategy, Politics 101, and Labor Neighbor Political Activism.

DALF is represented on the National AFL-CIO Central Labor Council Executive Committee. DALF’s political program is recognized nationwide for its innovation and success, and we have trained councils in California, Michigan, Canada, and at national union conventions and the AFL-CIO National Labor College to build our movement’s strategies and skills.

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